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The SBA provides assistance with small business loan programs, grants, bonds and other services.  The SBA also provides assistance with loans for disaster assistance and recovery.

The link above will take you to the main page of the SBA web site. Services are summarized below.

ďSBA loan guaranty requirements and practices can change as the Government alters its fiscal policy and priorities to meet current economic conditions. Therefore, you canít rely on past policy when seeking assistance in today's market.Ē (per official web site)

SBA does not make direct loans.  Instead, it guarantees that loans made by commercial lenders under itís guidelines will be repaid.  This guarantee acts as an incentive for commercial lenders to make loans for worthy purposes that would otherwise not be available.

The SBA also assists with surety bonds (performance, or completion bonds) through itís surety bond guarantee program. This program is designed to assist contractors and small businesses to obtain the necessary bonds required for proposed project bids that would not otherwise be available through regular commercial sources.

Less known is the SBA Venture Capital Program. Through itís public-private investment partnership, the Small Business Investment Company ( SBIC ) licenses and regulates private investment funds that make venture capital loans available to small businesses

The money used to fund the SBIC loans is either raised from private capital investors, or borrowed at favorable rates through the SBA.

SBICs are similar to venture capital, private equity and private debt funds in terms of how they operate and their ultimate objective to generate high returns for their investors. However, unlike those funds, SBICs limit their investments to qualified small business concerns as defined by SBA regulations


The SBA 7(a) Loan Program:

  • Special Purpose Loan Programs
  • Express & Pilot Programs
  • Export Loan Programs
  • Rural Business Loans
  • Use of 7(a) Loan Proceeds
  • Advantage Loan Initiatives
  • Community Loan Advantage Approved Lenders

SBA Micro loan Program

SBA CDC/504 Loan Program

SBA Disaster Loans

The SBA Application Process

Finding Small Business Loans



In addition to loan , surety and bonding guarantees, SBA also offers a wide variety of tools and guidance for those planning to start a business and managing businesses.

Another invaluable service is the guidance available for for businesses seeking contracting opportunities with the federal government

It is not possible to include all of the services and assistance found on the SBA web site within these pages. I sincerely encourage all readers that may have any interest in the scope of SBA services to use the link at the top of this page. 

 The SBA site is a bit like a mine.  Scratch the surface and much more is revealed.  Dig a little deeper and a gold mine of helpful information is found.


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