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Michael F. Ford #AG002512


Services Offered


Typical Fees

This page is under ongoing revision as of 01/01/2016.  It may be used as a general price guide, subject to confirmation. Zone Pricing is Discontinued per se though it may be used as a guide for “special” out of area assignments subject to additional area competency compliance requirements under USPAP

Appraisal Type


1004 Single Family Residential (Non Complex)

$585 (base- Zone A)

1004 Single Family Residential (Over a million-dollars est. value range)

$1,200 to $1,500 (Zone A)

1004 Single Family Residential (1.5 million to $2.0+- million) Over $2.5 range is by quote. All are based on complexity of specific assignment

$1,500 to Individual Quote

FHA 1004 Single Family Residential

$685 Zone A

2055 (Limited) Interior/Exterior

(discouraged) See 1004 rates

2055 (Drive-by) Exterior

$450 Zone A

2-4 Unit Small Income-Producing Properties

$730/duplex; $800/Triplex & $875/4-plex “plus” for complex or high range

Vacant Lot - Residential Site

$1,500 MINIMUM

Draw Inspection (single family residential)


Completion - Final Inspection (SFR)


Field Review - non complex property

$685 min (same rates as SFR-base+$100)

Desk Review for Non Complex Single Family Residence


Re-certification of Value

NA-New Appraisal Required

1-4 unit Rent Analysis and Operating Income Statement

$300 each if ordered separately; Discounted if specified in original order negotiations



Commercial - Industrial UCIAR-SP

$2,500 minimum & Up

Commercial - Industrial UCIAR-EP

$3,500 minimum & Up

Narrative - Subject to Scope of Work Requirements

$4,500 minimum & Up



Apartments 5 Units & Up Loan Under $750K (71B)

$1,000 Base and $100 Per Unit

Apartments 5 Units & Up Loan Over  $750K (71A)

$2,000 Base and $100 Per Unit

This above is not a complete list of the services available. Please contact me if the service you need is not listed.

Keep in mind these are estimates and that fees are subject to change at any time without prior written notice. Routine, non complex assignments are charged at an approximate hourly rate of $75 each hour; complex are calculated at $130; some exceptions are made. Expert witness fee is $350 per hour; Deposition fee is $150 hour. Travel time negotiable and may be waived for local cases. Out of area travel is $75 per hour “portal to portal.”

Commercial / Industrial Form or Narrative Appraisal and Consultation Reports are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact me for your customized quote.

Discounted fee Appraisal Management Company Rates are not offered. Reporting formats and form changes are constantly being revised. When capped by regulatory limits fees will always be adjusted to conform (for example VA-if offered).

All Services are "Field Collect" (due at, or prior to time of inspection).


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