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Why do I support the SCIG project?

When I was originally contacted by neighborhood canvassers in August 2011, they tried to enlist my opposition to this project, based on fear and a disingenuous reference to increased truck trips.

When asked what they based their claims of increased risk on, they simply referred back to the ‘superficial logic’ of a million increased truck trips necessarily equating to increased pollution.  They admitted they had not yet read any project environmental impact reports.

They were unable to explain to me if there would be a possible offsetting reduction in trips on the 710 Freeway, or elsewhere. I had concerns over an out of area, so-called  “environmental justice” organization trying to enlist opposition to a project even before the facts were known via the Environmental Impact Report.

Frankly, I am offended when anyone tries to mislead me, whether they are politicians, business people OR “pseudo environmentalists”.

I did my own research. I contacted railroad people, and their project outreach staff. They were very responsive and informative. They have promised to be just as informative to any other neighbor that contacts them.

I attended a Port of Los Angeles PCAC sub committee meeting on this issue. At that time, it was apparent few if any people had actually read the DEIR (or at least the Executive Summary). I read the entire executive summary, and scanned selected portions of the 4,690 page EIR quickly.

I asked myself the following:

  • How can one be opposed to a project without knowing the facts?
  • What motivates such opposition to rely on emotion rather than evidence?
  • What are the facts?
  • What is presently located on the proposed site(s)?
  • What will be different.
  • What are the obvious potential issues?
  • What efforts have been made to address those?
  • What DOES the draft EIR say?
  • Who prepared the DEIR, and who is the intended client?
  • Is it possible modernization could result in LESS pollution despite the increase in truck trips?
  • If the project is NOT built, won’t the million more truck trips be longer and make freeway congestion and pollution much worse?
  • What is the real impact on health?
  • What is the real impact on traffic intrusion?
  • What is the real impact of increased noise potential?
  • What are other safety issues and concerns?
  • What are the benefits?

I found the answers to each of these questions in the DEIR and discussions with BNSF attorneys and outreach personnel.  I believe their (BNSF) flyer below, best summarizes the answers to questions I had.

In my personal opinion, the positive benefits associated with this project far outweigh the possible negatives.

Please seek real answers to your questions before opposing this project. I think you will be favorably impressed with those answers.  It is my hope you will join me, and our other neighbors in supporting this project

  We really need the jobs it will create.  Our economy will never recover if we continue to take an  unreasonable anti business, anti progress stance whenever something new is proposed.

Thank you. (signed) Michael Ford, Resident.

Since the above post, I have been addressing specific issues concerning the SCIG project, and it’s opponents as they arise. Please follow the link below to see this information.


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